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I have been a patient of Dr. Jackson since 2011. I have always found him to be very professional as well as being very kind and showing exceptional concern for me when I went blind in my right eye due to bacteria after cataract surgery performed by another doctor. He was there for me for 5 days in the hospital coming in twice a day in the morning and in the late evening making sure I was getting all the drops I needed every hour and had me come to his office after leaving the hospital even on weekends when he is normally closed. He also made certain I had my eye monitored while out of the state for a length of time. I can’t say enough about him as a doctor and a human being.

Michael Burtin

I originally went to see Dr. Jackson at the Ferst Institute in February of 2013 for a routine eye examination. I was surprised at the thoroughness of the examination and commented to Dr. Jackson that it was the most thorough eye exam I had ever gotten in my 71 years of life.

In July of 2013 I developed an infection in my eye that was very difficult to diagnose. I had consulted with the ophthalmologist who had performed cataract surgery on me and he was unable to determine the cause of the problems I was having with my eye. I arranged for an examination with Dr. Jackson who originally thought I might have been experiencing an allergic reaction, however, after a very thorough exam he determined it was an infection that was caused in part by a blocked tear duct. Dr. Jackson took cultures to determine the precise nature of the infection, then, prescribed an aggressive treatment plan with follow-up exams that resulted in the infection being resolved.

I have been and continue to be very impressed by the thoroughness and expertise demonstrated by Dr. Jackson and his wife Vanessa. Both are kind, patient, and personable, in addition to being expert physicians. I would trust them both to the fullest measure and feel confident in recommending them to my family and friends.

James C. Woodward
Deltona, Florida

James C. Woodward

What greater blessings can we have than a friend? That is what I call Dr. Allen Jackson. He’s not just my doctor, he’s my friend. I came to Dr. Jackson on a referral about two and a half years ago.

My case was very complicated. With everything involved Dr. Jackson never gave up, if anything he kept encouraging me to never give up. Dr. Jackson would say “we’re going to beat this”. If I was experiencing an episode, I would call Dr. Jackson and tell him my problem. He would listen to me and then have me come to the office or prescribe a medication. Later on, after office hours he would call me at home to see how I was doing. That’s a rarity in today’s time. In 2014, through much trial and error, I am happy to say that Dr. Jackson’s persistence has placed my condition at a better level. My eyes are doing much better, my medications have decreased and I am feeling great. Thanks to Dr. Jackson!

It can be truly said “that the best proof we have of a man’s success in life, is not only his professional ability but his ability to be a FRIEND!!!”.

Mary Padilla

My name is Mona and I have been a patient of Dr Jackson for a year now. He has been treating me for multiple issues and has done a wonderful job. He has literally saved my eyes. Dr. Jackson always explains to me what it is that is going on in terms I can really understand and is gentle with any treatments that I’ve received.

Not only do I receive the best care, but the staff here is friendly and the office is always clean. I am very satisfied all around.

Mona King

I suffered from glaucoma and cornea rejection. I have always suffered from pain and high pressure from the left eye. I have been to many cornea specialist and no one has been able to control the pressure in my left eye.

One day I was at my mom’s eye doctor appointment and her doctor told me about The FERST Eye Institute. I called and made an appointment and saw Dr. Allen Jackson and his wife and they both were excellent partners. They were the only people that was able to control my pressure and control the pain in my left eye. I have been a patient for approximately 2 years and still continue going to this clinic.  They are easy to communicate with, and they do not rush you out of the office. I appreciate the time and effort they have spent with my situation.

Elba Gomez

I was referred to Dr. Allen Jackson of The FERST Eye Institute because the pressures were elevated in both of my eyes.  I have had very good eye health all my life and did not suspect that I had any serious problems.

After Dr. Jackson did a very thorough examination on a number of state-of-the art diagnostic instruments, he took the time to patiently and clearly give me the status of my eye health.  Using his instruments, he was able to show me with 3-Dimensional pictures exactly what was happening with my eyes.  Then he advised a series of treatments to prevent my eyes from getting worse.  We have followed his course of action and my eyes have not only dramatically improved health wise, my vision has also greatly improved.  An excellent addition to Dr. Jackson’s practice is the service provided by his very competent and friendly associate Dr. Vanesa Fiorelli.  I would highly recommend Dr. Jackson and The FERST Eye Institute to anyone to receive the very best in preventative and healing eye care.

Paul Chapman

The care I receive from Dr. Allen T. Jackson and Staff at The Ferst Eye Institute is always exceptional. I feel confident that no stone is being left unturned and that I am receiving  the best, world class, professional care tailored especially for me. I appreciate that my appointments allow ample time for office visits. I never feel that DR Jackson / Staff don’t have time to listen to me or give detailed explanations about my care upon request.

Dr. Jackson is the first ophthalmologist  to diagnose and treat my eye condition. I am extremely happy to say that progress is being made. At night, for the last two years, I was able to see the time on my desk clock only while wearing  glasses. I now have the ability to see what time it is without wearing my glasses.

Charles Herring

Dr. Jackson and staff treated me with the highest level of personalized attention and professionalism. I would highly recommend him to my friends. Patients that come to his office are very confident of his work, and so am I.

Thank you Dr. Jackson!!

Daniel Robinson

Dr. Jackson took me into his care on a Saturday in May, 3 years ago. He did not know me but correctly diagnosed my very serious eye problems and placed me in Halifax Hospital on Sunday and operated on Monday. I was visiting my daughter in Port Orange as I am actually from Maryland. He continues to monitor my condition 3 times a year or will see me if I have an emergency which requires immediate attention. He is a very fine doctor whom I greatly respect!

Very Sincerely,

Beatrice Massey